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    Re: Hyperlink keeps changing

    Unfortunately this didn't work for me ... but it did a change in the way the hyperlinks change.
    Before using the "Base Hyperlink" the links changed to ..//../xyz/ - now the "Base Hyperlink" is replaced by a part of an Internet address http://directory... making the link (and the path also) invalid. I've checked and the original Base Hyperlink is unchanged.
    This is starting to give me headaches - I will try to protect the colums where the links are placed to see if they change again.
    Thank you for replies!

    Re: Open Folder: Folder Name In Cell

    Thank you for suggestion - I've tried the hyperlink before thinking about using a macro and it didn't work.

    oops ... my mistake - I've tried it again and it works :)
    The first time I've tried to use it for a folder which name contains a ","

    THANKS!!! Problem solved!

    Since this isn't a VBA matter (my mistake) could any moderator delete the post? Thank you!


    After searching for an answer (even a 'related' one) and never found one, I' ve decided to "cry for help".

    I want to make a macro able to pick up the name of the folder present in a cell (2 cells left from where the image associated to that macro is) and open the correspondent folder.


    I have the following folders:

    The cells containing the folder name are E1, E2, E3 ... and the values inside are folder1, folder2, folder3 ...
    In the G column - G1, G2, G3 ... I have a macro icon on each cell.

    I would like to have 1 macro to be able to do this (I was thinking to make a separate macro for each cell :rolleyes: but ... I imagined it should be a easier way)

    Thank you very much for any reply!