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    Hello I need help with this please. If I have in column A:

    in cell A2: 77.123456789;88.12345678;122;100.1;MMMM
    in cell A3: 11.123456789;33.12345678;50;100.1;VVVV
    in cell A4: 70.123456789;89.12345678;251;100.1;HHHH
    in cell A5: 22.123456789;99.12345678;72;100.1;DDDD

    In cell B2 I want an average of these numbers from A2:A5 rows: 122, 50, 251, 72.

    I find this formula:

    =MID(SUBSTITUTE(A2,";"," "),31,3)

    But this formula can extract the number of only one row.