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    Can I assign two macros to the samebutton/shape so that when I click it one action occurs and when Iclick again the other happens, like a simple push-button light switchto alternately hide and unhide a row? Thank you.

    I'm building a production report. Ithas a pair of macros that hide and unhide a row containing a linechart. Is there a way to make the change visually more of a smooth,stretching, organic, morphing kind of growing rather than the abrupt,sudden, jerky displacement that I see now? I'm building this at homewith Excel 2016. It must function in Excel 2007 on the workmachines. Thank you.

    Re: Find multiple averages simultaneously-fixed rows, variable columns

    Thanks for your response, Pike. I'm still having trouble attaching. I've followed precisely the first four steps that you have outlined, and the file appears in the upper box. But it never appears in the bottom box, as in Step 5. When I click "Done" anyway I get the message "Please drag & drop an existing attachment on to 'Drag Files Here' or add a new one by pressing 'Add Files' ". But I can't drag anything. I wrote the following before I tried attaching.

    The attached file is an abbreviated version. I cannot really finish building the spreadsheet without solving this problem. You'll see five horizontaldata fields. Eventually there will be five more. The first four –the bigger ones – have color-coding for explanation purposes. The four colors are light purple, green, blue, and darker green. Assume that the cells in the rows that have the vertical fill pattern (rowsJ – N) are the current cells being averaged. The average for each data field would be displayed in the cell having the same color (D:5,D:20, D:38, D:56) as its rows. In cell D:20 I have entered the actual formula that I would probably use if I had to do this only once.

    I need to be able to do something like click on the blue shape labeled “Reset All Ave”, then select a new range of columns using the letter headings (I've tried to imitate the gray highlighting you would see with the diagonal fill pattern in columns T – X.), and then click “Execute”. The new averages (of the cells belonging to both the color-coded rows and columns T –X) would appear in the average cells.

    So far I've investigated the AVERAGEIF function, filtering, and a macro chain.


    I'm building a production report inExcel. It has eight horizontal fields of data containing dailyproduction numbers reaching from column E or so to the very right endof the spreadsheet (XDF). I need to find a way to find the averageof particular rows in each field within a particular range ofcolumns. Easy enough. But I must be able to change the range ofcolumns from time to time, and I must be able to find the eightaverages simultaneously. And it must be easy to do. (It's for myboss.) These averages will be displayed in a fixed set of cells,each corresponding to its data field.
    I'm new to forums, and am unfamiliarwith protocol. So I have been trying for 15 minutes to drag a screenshot file into the "Drag previously uploaded files into this area"showing a couple of the fields, edited for clarification. If youlook at the screenshot, I'm trying to find a way of finding theaverage, in each field, of the cells belonging to both a preselectedand fixed set of rows (highlighted in blue)and a newlyselectedand variable set of columns (highlighted ingrey to mimic the selecting using the letter headings); I needto change the range of columns from time to time. These eight averages will be displayed in a fixed set of cells eachcorresponding to its data field. I imagine that the user couldclick on "Reset Average" (lower left), select a range ofcolumns based on the dates in row 3, and then click "Excecute". In the attached demo the new averages would be displayed in cells C48and C64.
    Regarding the reset buttons,obviously I have to find a way to type text ("Reset Average")into the cell without losing the formula imbedded in it. Itwould be a nice touch if the buttons had a 3D look and respond insome visual way (like sinking back into the sheet) when clicked.
    I've been struggling with this forweeks, looking at AVERAGEIF, macros, even trying to teach myself VBAcode. Can you help, please. Thanks.