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    I'm trying to determine a load, but it seems that the cell needs multiple if statements and I cant seem to get it to work quite right.

    if sec = 1, if sec*lab+sec*lec>1.5*sec then 1.5*sec, else sec*lab+sec*lec
    but if sec=2, if sec*lab+sec*lec>3*sec then 3*sec, else sec*lab+sec*lec
    but if sec=3, if sec*lab+sec*lec>4.5*sec then 4.5*sec, else sec*lab+sec*lec

    I need to do this on an excel side, not VBA but when I plug it in, I either get a True/false returned or #VALUE

    I don't know if I need to use a if/or or if/and?? I would super appreciate anyone willing to take the time to help me on this one! Thanks :)

    I have 2 columns, one with a last name the other with a first name. I need to concatenate them into a third column (last name, first name) in a way that when I add a new name the third column will automatically update with the concatenated name. It needs to be done using VBA, but I haven't the slightest clue where to start.
    Also the third column will be loaded into a listbox so that when I select a name a a number they have been assigned will pop up as a label caption. Any one know of anyway to do this? Hope that kind of all made some sense to somebody. Thanks for taking the time :)