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    Please familiarise yourself with our rules, in particular:


    4b. Do not cross-post without supplying a link to the duplicate question on the other Forum.

    OK - What I suggest, then, is that you atart a new thread. I will see if I can close this one.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    There is no need. Please just update the title to show what you want help with (if you are not able to, then I will see if I can do it for you).

    I meant no offence in my comments, but the forum rules are very clear on thread titles:



    1a. Thread titles MUST aptly and concisely describe your problem.

    1b. Your title must describe your problem, not your anticipated solution.

    1c. Use terms suitable to a Google search and do not use words like "Please Help", "Urgent", "Excel Problem"

    This is about one word - 'useless'. Had I not used that word, there could have been no complaint. Bad choice, then, on reflection (despite the 'sorry' I added).

    The OP has been a member here for over two years and has posted not much shy of 50 times here - sorry, but they should know better than to use a title like 'Help!'.

    If you wish to mistake plain talking for rudeness, then that is your prerogative. If the OP wishes not to be guided, then that is their prerogative.

    It's entirely up to you, of course. I was simply trying to help you to get some help. I did read your post, but that wasn't my point, and I was not being unfriendly. The point, in simpler terms, is this: many people won't even open and read your post unless there is something in the title that will grab their attention and make them feel they can help you in particular. Imagine if every single thread here had the title 'Help!'.

    If you are not open to suggestion, then you will get nowhere fast in life. Learn to accept constructive criticism. If I could help you, I would, but I don't do VBA. However, I am a moderator, and where I feel that someone needs some advice, I will give it. Do NOT make presumptions: yours are entirely incorrect.

    No help offered so far ...

    Consider updating your useless (sorry!) thread title to something that speaks of the sort of help you are hoping to get and what it is that needs solving.

    And here as well. Three rules broken within a day on EF, and now cross posting all over the place without any attempt to comply with cross posting rules.

    When you join any forum, you agree to its rules, which means you are duty bound to read them so that you know them before you start asking for help.


    I sent along explanation as to why I have problems remembering to Ali but the sheet has been removed.

    What sheet are you talking about? I haven't removed anything, if this is what you are implying.


    I have a short term memory problem and sometimes I forget things NOT purpose.

    So do I, so I write lists, make notes, annotate them, keep checking the lists, etc. All methods I've suggested to you in the past.


    I did post the link here after it was explained how to..

    However, the requirement here and over there is to provide a link up front, so why didn't you contact one of us to ask how to do it before you cross posted? Either you knew about the rule or you had forgotten it - this comment leaves you somewhere in the middle looking not entirely credible. Sorry!

    Same as the other forums where you have asked. As you have admitted that this is homework, we cannot hand you answers on a plate. We can help you with details if you get unstuck, but the momentum and donkey work has to be from you, because the homework is asking YOU to write code. You cannot submit a solution you don't understand because you did not write it yourself.