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    Thanks for the response. wE have some options on data format for import and export. WE will be writing data from a computer driven test program. The data will be set up as either a text file or an excel spreadsheet, wE are wirting custom software for the Labview test software so we can choose formats to make the excel job easier. Similarly we can accept the export in a variety of formats including excel. I'm guessing that startign with excel data and ouputing excel data will make this easier. What do you think?

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    I want to run a spreadsheet analysis over and over again in an automated fashion. My procedure would need to be this

    step 1: Import 6 item data set

    step 2: spreadsheet performs a complex set of calculations on this data set

    step 3: Export 12 item output data set which is the results of the calculations.

    step 4 repeat for 400 more 6 item data sets.

    does someone know how to do this?