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    Hi, i am using VBA to handle a pivottable in excel.

    i am using pt.PivotFields("Position Status").Orientation = xlHidden to hide a field.

    but what if this field is not there in the first place? how should i put a "if" clause so that if this field is not there, i can skip this and go to next action?



    I want to define a Range() in VBA. have cell1 and Cell2 in the format of rows and cols. ie. Cell1 = Row 1, Col 2. Cell2 is dynamic, can be sometimes row100, Col200, or Row23, Col 1000.

    May i know how to define it in VBA?


    Re: 3D Chart Macro

    Thanks for your reply.

    I have a function which will produce three series of data, each series has 100 numbers. so all together x(100), y(100) and z(100).

    and i want to plot a 3D graph that have three axis, namely x, y and z. all the points are from the three series.

    may i know how to use VBA to plot the graph? (because i dont want to write all the numbers in the worksheet. i want to just use function output from the codes.)

    Hi, I am trying to use VBA codes to add a 3D [ec]*[/ec].

    eg. i have x(100), y(100) and z(100). i want to plot x-y-z chart with 100 data on each axis.

    the data series are not from the worksheet cells, but all created from the codes.

    May I know how do i put the VBA codes together to generate the chart.



    I have created a MS Access database, with some user protection. Now i want to create [pt]*[/pt] in Excel with the data source from the table in MS Access.

    But when i linked up to the MS Access, under the table name, i couldnt get any column data... I dont know whats wrong. and as a result, i couldnt get the data from Access.

    Can someone please help me?


    Re: Optionbutton

    Thanks for replying.

    I want to have a form which contains option group so that i can choose one of them. later i want to use VBA to do different things according to the option i have chosen on that form.

    i created the Frame from "Control Toolbox", and under "More Controls" -- Microsoft Forms 2.0 -- Frame".

    then i edit the Frame Object by right clicking on it and add optionbuttons to it.

    Hope this would be clearer.

    I have created a Frame in Excel spreadsheet, and added a few Optionbuttons to it using frame object edit property. but i wouldnt be able to use VBA to find those optionbuttons and control them.

    may i know how to do that?