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    Can anyone please help me, I have been scratching my head for ages and looked all over the web and I cannot fathom how to do the formula I need.
    I can do a very long multiple if formula, but their must be a better way, maybe combining a VLookup and an If formula.

    I have a very large sheet of dates when projects need to start and a diary from our customer.
    To report to our customer when this work is done it would be better to have a mechanism to define what year & period that the project falls in (column A).

    The formula I would like looks at the date (column B), then by using a formula it looks to see what date range it falls between (columns f & G), then the output finds the correct year & period (column H).

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    Its a behind the scenes Macro.
    Great I never knew that you could macro short-cuts and no searches on Google suggested this.

    I have looked into it and found the macro.

    Many thanks.


    Can someone please assist, I have a spreadsheet I have inherited and there seems to be something funny about the ctrl & s shortcut.
    It doesn't save the sheet, it sorts it.

    The spreadsheet used to sort perfectly fine when the shortcut was implemented.
    Then I moved a couple of the column around and now it doesn't sort it correctly.

    Is there a setting this shortcut to sort the correct column.

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    Can someone please help me.
    I am trying to analyse data between 2 different ranges, I have a list of customers and their invoice/ payment dates.

    I have used a SUMIFS formula to group by pay date i.e 31>60;61>90 etc.
    However, I would also like to add a date range as we hold a few years of data, extending the SUMIFS formula doesn't work.
    In the sheet I have attached, I would like to only include the data between the date range "C3083" & "D3083"

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    Could someone please help.
    I have been racking my brains around a dilemma that I think involves an extra sumif, I have spent days on this but just cannot figure it out despite checking every webpage/forum but no joy.

    The attached excel sheet attached is required to compile time-sheet data by category, person and then by month.
    I can figure out the category and person, but cannot figure out the last i.e. by month.

    I would like to be able to insert a formula that can the manually change a date at the top of the results page and this automatically adjust the results (in this instance the results for November '16).
    A complication i think arrives as the time-sheet data has 7 date columns (Monday>Sunday), as the exported data date only shows the week commencing date..

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    Re: Excel "=Month" Settings

    Thank you for replying.
    I do not know why whenever the number of that specific cell is changed and you type in "=month" on any cell in any tab the same number appears.

    Yet, when you clear the cell, by copy/pasting a blank one over it, then you type in "=month" on any cell in any tab the value "0" appears.
    There must be something behind the scene in that cell, I just dont know what it is.

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    Can someone please help, I have come across a strange situation on an inherited Excel sheet.
    When I type in "=month" on any tab or cell anywhere, the same month appears from the first tab, cell "B1"

    I have no idea how/why it does this, and cannot find anything on google or this forum to help explain it.

    I would like to be able to do this myself in the future on excel sheets and would to know how it was done.

    The excel file in query is attached.

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    Can someone please help

    I have attached a section of my timesheet report that come from SICON, the report shows the hours worked in each day on different elements for each week of the month.

    When I pivot rather than show 8hrs is represents 1/3 (0.333) of a day, I would like to be able to convert the sheet into actual hours worked and pivot this.
    I need to report of the hours worked by each member of staff for the month, also hours on each project for the month.

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