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    If I am copying data from a website (for example, 10 different lines of numbers in 4 different rows across), there are times that all 4 rows across of data stay in one cell. So rather than filling A1:D1 with the first row, all the way down to A10:D:10, the information stays only in A and it just moves from A1 to A10.

    Is there a way to copy the 4 different numbers (or words) in A1 and then paste one word each into A1, B1, C1 and D1?
    thank you

    Re: Can I direct cells on Sheet 1 to Sheet 2 using a unique order?

    that will help. thank you

    Re: Can I direct cells on Sheet 1 to Sheet 2 using a unique order?

    Quote from PCI;766768

    Perhaps could you do C1 = C4 =Sheet1!A1
    Drag down for 8 cells
    Then Cut and move the cells to C4 etc ...

    Would you explain this to me another way please?
    in cell C1 should i type =C4=Sheet1!A1 ???
    and then do I copy C1 and drag to C8 ??
    and then what do I do with C4? and am I doing all of this on Sheet 2?

    thank you for helping

    Re: Changing Drop down Options

    Quote from MrRedli;765858

    hope this is what you want... you only need to fill the scores in.

    Perfect!! thank you!

    I noticed you used 8 teams. What if I wanted to use 64 teams. That would be a lot more rounds, would you still do it the same way or is there a shorter version to apply (because there would be many more scenarios of possible winning teams)? Either way this is exactly what I was looking for, thank you!

    I would like to change the names inside a drop down menu based on different conditions. For example, if there are 8 people playing tennis ranked 1-8 and they are matched head to head (1v8, 2v7 etc), I would like the drop down menu to list the option of only the winning team when I enter the score into a cell.

    So in round one I would personally list all 8 teams, but when I enter the info in the cell for the score, I would like next round to offer only the winning team as an option for the drop down. Once all those teams are selected, new winning scores will be added into another cell and the following round should only have the option of selecting winning teams.

    if this is easier to do without a drop down option and just directly fill the team into the cell for the next round, that is an ok option too. thank you

    Re: can I use more than one "IF" statment?

    Thank you for your reply. Rather than use a bad example of what isnt working for me, let me rather explain what I'm trying to do please.

    If B2<50 I would like to Add B2+C2
    If B2>100 I wold like to add D2+E2
    if B2 ranges between 50 and 100, i would like it to return either 0 or "x"

    is that possible?

    Is there a way to set multiple "IF's" for the same cell?

    for example, can i make a cell say something like this (though I know this wont really work, this is just what im trying to say but unable to do so:
    =IF(B2>50,B2+C2, IF(B2<50, B2+D2, IF(B2=50, B2))

    I am not sure if I am giving a good enough example, but hopefully I am getting my point across. I can answer questions if that would help.

    This might be a question far too complex for me to understand as I am still rather new at learning about what [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]Excel[/COLOR][/COLOR] can offer in terms of functions and formulas, but I wish to ask and dive in anyway. My hope is that others out there will be able to help me. I would say my skill level with excel is about a 4 from 1-10.

    I am hoping to make a model for the March Madness basketball tournament. [for those outside the USA, this is a basketball event where 64 teams are put into a bracket format, team 1 plays team 64, 2 plays 63 and so on. After each round, the losing team is eliminated and the winner advances]. Searching the web, I have found many ways to 'host' a March Madness tournament and create a Bracket, but I am looking for more than that.

    It would be my hope to set different criteria (example: Vegas Odds, Points scored per game, points scored against per game, etc) and assign them each a value. Then, based on those factors and values, have Excel generate the results of the bracket [starting with a bracket having only 64 teams and excel would generate all the winners until it gets to 1 champion, but also generating the teams that advance in each round, including the final game]. If this would be too hard to do in a bracket format, just a linear format showing which teams advance or ranking the teams would be an acceptable alternative. I would like to be able to change the value of the criteria and generate new scenarios based on the weighting.

    Another version of this, which I would be interested in, if easier, would be to include 'odds of winning'. So for example, there are 32 games in the opening round (64 teams, playing one against another), and based on the criteria and factors, offering a percentage likelihood of winning (example, that team 1 might have a 99.5% chance and team 64 has a 0.5% chance), and so forth. Then I can manually advance the teams and simulate again in the next round, based on the criteria (mentioned in the paragraph above).

    I do hope I am explaining this correctly, and I welcome any questions that would help me better explain what I am searching for. If anyone could help I would be most appreciative.
    Thank you in advance.