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    Re: inserting information in multiple spreadsheets

    Are your spreadsheets in the same workbook? If so, go to your 2nd spreadsheet and to the cell where you want the information from the 1st sheet. Then type = and then I usually go to spreadsheet one and highlight the cell I want., enter.

    Re: marking every fourth cell in a column

    Download ASAP Utilities (I believe you can download from this site). Then under Columns/Rows choose color each nth row/column, choose color, choose number (4) per your request, and it will color just what you asked. Hope this helps you. J.Dee

    Re: Clipboard XP

    I'm not sure this will do the trick - but, go to view - toolbars - and see if clipboard is checked. If so, go to customize and then toolbars and uncheck clipboard. You should not see clipboard anymore. J.Dee

    Re: adding multiple numbers within a single cell

    Is this what you mean? You have 10 entered in a cell - but you want to add number(s) to it. You could do this. Place equal sign in front of number, go to end of number and add your other numbers, i.e., plus sign 10, plus sign 10, etc. You will then get a new total. Still not sure if this is what you meant though. J.Dee

    Re: word header in excel

    Have you tried this. Go to View, Header and Footer, choose the tab Header/Footer, enter your information and you should be set. Hope this works for you or that this is what you were referring to. J.Dee

    Not sure if I'm understanding you correctly, but I just tried what I think you are looking for and works fine (using excel2000).
    Using your example, list in colm. A reads AB3, AB6, AB4 etc. Column B reads the letters, L, M. etc. In another column I used the lookup as follows and it returned the L, M, etc. for all. Formula is:
    =VLOOKUP(E1,A:B,2,FALSE). Is this what you are after? J.Dee

    Tom, I would have never thought of that one because I could not figure out how to write sumif to say "istext", now I know and I have saved this one in my formula examples files. Thank you very much. J.Dee

    Text in Column A, rows 1,2,4. Numbers in column B1 thru 4 of 1,2,3,4.
    Formula in B5 is: =SUMPRODUCT((A1:A4>"")*B1:B4), answer is 7, only text in 1,2,4, column a> Works for me using Excel 2000. Hope it helps for you. J.Dee

    I was just trying out the answer given by XL-Dennis as was looking for something like this also. I did the following that may help you too.
    Assumming that your data is like the following:
    Column A = date
    Column B = Name
    Columns c thru e = data

    I skipped column f just to have space between
    then in column g I enter the date I am looking for
    column H is enter the name I am looking for
    column I I entered the following formula

    In this way I can then just change the date in G, and the name in H and I will have an easy way to do this. Hope this helps you. J.Dee

    You should be able to highlight the area, select filter, select non-blanks, and this should produce all rows that have numbers in them. I hope this helps and that I have understood your question properly.