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    This is the code you have already send me.I copy your code as it is.I think the "Dim lRw as Long" is out side the command button.In with function "datasht" is incorrect.The correct is DataSh.

    According to the code below the error message is "Object Required".

    There are some mistake in the code you provide i correct the code you provide but still i got the error message."Object Difined Erroe"

    The code is given below

    Private Sub cmdBtn1_Click()
    Dim lRw As Long
    Dim DataSh As Worksheet
    Set DataSh = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Cheq Issued")
    With DataSh
    .Cells(lRw, 8).Value = T4.Value
    .Cells(lRw, 5).Value = T2.Value
    .Cells(lRw, 6).Value = T5.Value
    End With
    End Sub

    I have vba user form with text box a button and a list box. i require only the value of the last text box "Name" to the last column of selected row of list box.I already write a code in the add button and all the code is working but the last line of code is not working.The code and file is give.

    Hello everybody.I am working on a project and i have write some code form my project but it is not working as i want.Let me explain what i want.

    I have a user from with six text boxes and two buttons to save and clear the data.According to my project the data from first three text boxes(Date,Supervisor Name and Job Ref) goes to column A,B and D for every entry comes out from the remaining three boxes(Fuel Expenses,Toll Tax and TA/DA) .Also i want that the third column i.e C is populate with the caption(Fuel Expenses,Toll Tax and TA/DA) respectively. I have write the following code for this purpose.But this code gives me only one entry and there is no entry for the remaining two text boxes.

    To understand better , I have put some data in my excel sheet manually as i want.Please help me to correct my code .Thanks

    Hi to everyone,

    I have a listbox and one textbox on my userform .The listbox has 4 columns No,ID,Name and Disignation.On the other hand there is an excel sheet having the above 4 columns .All the 4 columns are already having data similar to list box.
    No I just want that how the value in the text box transfer to to sheet in the front of that first available cell that is select on listbox. i.e that the shlud be transfer to sheet on the bases of listbox.Plz refer to my screen shot to understand better.Thanks

    Hi to everyone,
    Dear friends I am working on an excel vba project.i have done everything successfully but I am facing a problem.
    I have one sheet on excel(Attendance) , one userfom where I have one list box with three colums i.e No,ID,Employee Name , Disignation and one text box to put the no of absents.All the items on the list box are already available in the excel sheet.I mean I don’t want to select any item and copy them to sheet. I just want that when someone enter the no of absents in the text box,this no should appear on the excel sheet (Attendence) based on ID.For better understand I have attached a screen shot.Please guide me by any experience person.Thanks…ine-required-listbox.html…quired-for-listbox.32751/

    Hello to everyone.

    I have two questions.

    1> My First question is that i have user form on Excel VBA.There are seven labels and each Label has some value as following.

    Label8 value =80

    Label9 value =85

    Label10 value =70

    Label11 value =80

    Label12 value =80

    Label13 value =90

    Label14 value =100

    Label15 = I want the sum of all the values in this Label.

    2> My 2nd question is that i have qot these values on labels depending on optionbuttons.The value of each label depend on five options buttons , values starts from 20 to 100.i mean when the user check the first option in the first question , Label8 shows 20,when a user check the 2nd option button , label8 shows 40 and so on.
    I have set all this sitting but now i want that when a user check an option , the value color in the label becomes change as below

    if the value in the label is <=80 the value color becomes Red and if the value > 80 the value color in the Label becomes blue.I have write the following code but it is not working

    This code gives only red color for every value . Please guide me about my these two question


    Re: Guide for vba Radio buttons

    Here optA1,optA2,optA3,optA4,optA5 are five radio buttons of first group.Similarly six more groups having each group Five radio buttons.I want that if any of these option group remain unchecked, the back ground of all the radio buttons to red and also a warning message appear.For example
    if radio buttons of 1st group (optA1,optA2,optA3,optA4,optA5)=False then the background color becomes change with a warning message.Thanks

    Re: Guide for vba Radio buttons

    Below is the code for first group of radio buttons having value when false or true.If a user leave this group unchecked,the back ground color of this group must be red.

    Re: Guide for vba Radio buttons

    Please check the image.In this image Seven groups of radio buttons.Every group has 5 Radio button.I want to bound the user to check every group of option buttons.And if accidentally the user left uncheck any group of radio buttons,the back ground color of that group must change to red and as well as a warning message appear.

    I am working on a project of excel vba. I have a user from for entry . The user form contain Seven Groups of Radio buttons.Every groups has Five option buttons.Now I want that a user must check every group of radio buttons.and when group remain unchecked the background of that group change to red color.and also a warning message should appear.Please give me a little hints for vba code.[ATTACH=CONFIG]68356[/ATTACH]