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    Re: Sum Up Numbers From Multiple Workbooks

    Hi you can try this

    This is only example but you can change some lines of code and i think it will work for you

    Re: Check A Specific Value In A Collection Object Vba


    you can use this code

    but attention
    notice parameter


    Re: Save Workbook To Multiple Paths

    If I can say something....

    You can create unique string to help date of day, actual time, ...

    Mainly, don't use no valid character - following charatcters < > ? [ ] : | or *

    For example
    Save workbbok to help value of cell E1

    ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs (spath & Sheet1.Range("E1") & ".xls")

    Save workbook to help unique string

    Re: Autofilter Across Multiple Sheets


    try this
    I've writen this code very fast so I hope that is right.
    Run this code after filter any criteria on main sheet

    Re: Vba Code To Copy Data From One Workbook To Another Workbook


    your task is more general. So try this

    Step this code, use key F8

    Re: Remove Duplicates

    Sorry, this is not what you need, perhaps ( I don't undestand whot you want remove)

    Hi and Why do you want to write a macro?
    You can use advanced filter.

    Sort data according to ID and Group (ascending).
    advanced filter - no duplicity and then insert 1 into the next column (for example)
    then show all data, switch on Automatic filter and select empty value.
    These values are duplicate.

    Re: Date And Timepicker Control

    but there is all information about installation of this library ....

    very important MSCOMCT2.OCX
    4 According to your Operating System, type the following command to register this library file:

    Windows 95, 98, or Me:
    regsvr32 \windows\system\MSCOMCT2.OCX

    Windows NT or 2000:
    regsvr32 \WINNT\system32\MSCOMCT2.OCX

    Windows XP:
    regsvr32 \windows\system32\MSCOMCT2.OCX

    5 You should see a message saying "DllRegisterServer ... succeeded"

    if you successfully installed this library, go to VBE and show ToolBox on UserForm - right click on Toolbox - Additional Controls - choose control DateTimePicker

    Re: Lockinig A Text Box If It Has Text In It Only


    it is possible, you use event procedure for UserForm and TextBox

    for example

    You can use other event procedure for TextBox (Change, BeforeUpdate)

    Re: Copy And Paste Columns Based On Formula

    Of course

    here you are

    Re: Copy And Paste Columns Based On Formula


    and now?

    Re: Very Long Sql Array

    Sorry, I didn't see your note below code:(

    Hi this line of code is right?

    With sh.QueryTables.Add(Connection:=sConn, _ 
                Destination:=sh.Range("A8"), _ 
            End With



    Re: Copy And Paste Columns Based On Formula

    As like?

    Re: Create A Macro To Find And Replace In Powerpoint


    I added commentary in to code.
    Input the code in to standard module in Visual Basic Editor and then
    you run code by press ALT+F8