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    Re: Filter pivot table with selected items. Does not work with numbers.

    I kind of tricked it and now works for any type of value.

    But still, can someone explain what was wrong with the first code?
    I am just curious.

    Hello everyone,

    I wrote a simple macro with which to filter a pivot table with the items that I have selected.

    When the items in the Pivot Field are not numbers, it works perfectly.
    But when the items are only numbers, it just doesn't work and I don't understand why and how to make it work.

    Any ideas or tips ?
    Thank you in advance!

    Re: Add Excel Right Click Menu in Add-in

    Roy, thank you a lot for the reply and the files.

    Although I already managed to make it by myself, you showed me a slightly different method.
    So I will get deeper in the file and learn it as well.

    Thank you again!

    Hello all,

    I need your help for a very easy problem (I hope).
    Here is my case : I have written some macros and created Right Click Menu from where to reach them. So far so good.
    But also I want to create an Add-in so that I can distribute these macros with the right click menu buttons to other people.

    I used this tutorial to create the menu -
    However, saving the file as Add-in doesn't work. The created righ click menue does not appear on other Workbooks.
    The macros work, fortunately.

    Another thing that I tried was to change Temporary:=True to False (No Add-ins created).
    Then I have the buttons on every workbook, Macros work, but the Workbook with the written code always opens automatically as well, which I want to prevent.

    Okay guys, this is my problem, I hope that somebody will be able to help.