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    Re: How to display data in the listbox column header

    thanks differences..its the same but i am trying to use columnheads property..

    Where the problem is getting displayed in the second row not in the first especially in the column header...

    i would be happy if you spot the issue whether i have to code it separately to get into the first row..

    listbox data not through rowsource in case..

    please help..

    Re: How to display data in the listbox column header

    thank you for your reply & time as well...

    I was looking at this problem just now and found this solution. If your RowSource points to a range of cells, the column headings in a multi-column listbox are taken from the cells immediately above the RowSource.

    But if i choose through listbox properties as column heads it loads header but i am not able to interconnect this.

    Re: How to display data in the listbox column header


    Please find the below code:

    where listbox control lstDataAccess name populate the data & that where i am trying to display in column header.

    Please help.


    Mangai Venkata


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    Re: Access Database Lock


    Sorry i am not getting your concern.

    Anyway after searching in i thought to share it in forum...i am not trying to get coding exactly...

    The steps to lock the table...(MS Access)


    Mangai Venkata

    Re: Access Database Lock

    Thank you for the reply.

    Using excel userform multipage all the data using MS access database is stored & fetched.
    Now i am looking for how to lock the database from editing by others so that only read access should be provided.
    Please advice if possible.

    Thanks again.

    Mangai Venkata