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    Need some help here, i have a spreadsheet contained many formulas in different cells, i know i can use macro recorder to convert them to vb code, but there are too many of them, eg. more than 50 formulas, so i need to manually select the cell formula, copy and paste in each cells, repeat the process and all will capture in recorder, but doing it for more than 50 formula is not a good idea.

    So is there a way to copy and paste the formula and convert all of them in bulk to vb code?

    i have been searching over the internet but have not seen anything about bulk conversion to vb code.

    would appreciate your help and advice.

    thank you.


    Need some help here, i want to search and copy data, below vb code did what i want on same workbook but i have one question here, let say the data stored in another workbook, how can i search and copy the data without open the workbook? what is the additional vb code and how to integarte with vb code below.

    would appreciate your help.


    i have many regular text boxes with its values link to cells.

    I want to change the font color in the text boxes based on the cell value, eg. Below 80 is red, above 81 is green.

    I have searched thru the wen but couldn't find much info about it, anyone can enlighten me, thank you.

    Note: I use the regular text boxes, not the one in developer form control.

    Hi all excel guru,

    Need some help as i am still learning excel vb, i have below vb code and try to copy data from sheet2 to sheet1 if the input value (C1) match the cell ranges, i would like to put a msgbox if no matching input value in C1, so how to do this and would appreciate your help.

    Thank you.


    Re: Excel VB Copy & Print Range in Bulk

    Hi Raha,

    thanks bro.

    one more question if i have a long list (100 records in sheet 'summary' and want to copy each of them in this template and print as jpg, is it something like loop thru each of the record and copy, print as jpeg, so can pls enlighten me how to implement this?


    Re: Excel VB Copy & Print Range in Bulk

    Hi Raha,

    Need your advice below

    pls have a look on the excel file - tab "pic_format", this is the template i want to print as jpeg from A1:F8.

    i need to copy 2 variables - sales person name and sales data from a summary list, assuming now i already copied all data, next is to export this template to jpeg based on various records data, i could have many records like 50, 100.....

    so i want to sort out the export jpeg vb code here, would appreciate you help.


    Re: Excel VB Copy & Print Range in Bulk

    Hi Raha,
    Can you share which part of vb code to print the range as jpg?

    if i want to enlarge the area of print area (eg. A4:E8), only show one record/account (eg. account #123, 456, 789,....) , below the record i will add some text on my own.

    so the vb will run a list from top to bottom of all the account #

    i had read thru your code and a kinda confused.

    Thanks again.

    Re: Excel VB Copy & Print Range in Bulk

    Hi Raha,
    Thanks for your reply, sorry maybe my previous explanation not clear, i want to print the summary tab (range A4:E5) as jpeg for each individual account#, if i got 40 account#, i want to have 40 jpeg file, example attached


    so let say now i can use summary tab data as the main data source, next is create a print format (A4:E5) to print each individual account# as jpeg.

    each of jpeg file name based on account# in cell A5 and save in drive D.

    Any idea how to do it?

    Thank you so much.

    Hi excel guru,
    Need some help, i need to run a project to copy data (sales & outstanding) on daily basis and later print the summary range as jpeg file as output.

    I have figured out how to copy and print them, now i am stuck in the process of how to print them in bulk at one go, ie. let say i have 40 accounts to process daily, i want the VB to match the account# in tab sales & outstanding, and output each of the 40 accounts as individual jpeg file.

    i have attached the file here for better understanding

    where am i now and cracking my head, would appreciate you help.

    Thank you.