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    Hello, I’m trying to find a quick and easy way to multiply existing formulas/links to another cell

    I currently have a spreadsheet with approximately 300 rows, each row has a link to another workbook – 300 in total. Each workbook contains weights for specific structures. However I have to multiply the weight of each by a new quantity.

    Current formula “=G:\Estimate\[Anchor Pile Esimate.xlsx]summary'!$F$29”

    What I’m hoping to achieve without having to manually change each formula.
    “=(G:\Estimate\[Anchor Pile Esimate.xlsx]summary'!$F$29)*$H5”

    Each cell on my master spreadsheet has a link to a different spread sheet. I just want to change the current link to multiply by a value in column “H”. I’m not allowed to paste values then multiply the formula must show the link.