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    Re: Loop Macro taking too much time

    I am already using Sumproduct function for it but it is a heavy file (12 MB) has multiple sheets and it keep calculating, therefore trying to reduce calculation time via macros.

    Thanks again.

    Re: Loop Macro taking too much time

    Got it, last row for variable x was also set to column 1 it should be column 26. column 26 has values up to 397 rows and column 1 to 25 has data up to 4445 rows. After tweaking this process time is reduced to 41 seconds from 147 seconds.

    Thanks you very much, your help is much appreciated.

    I am trying to get selected data from a macro but it's taking too much time, I am naive to excel macros don't know how to trouble shoot it.
    Macro is as follows

    Column reference are as follows:
    2= Project code (All Number) in data
    26= Output Project code for which data is required (Macro Output)
    8 = Type of activity (CO, CS, DO, DS)
    13= Number of hours
    30=Hours (Macro Output)

    Data sheet is as below