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    I'm trying (hopelessly) to build a macro to make a report far more efficient but have no experience of writing macros. Please could someone take a look over what I'm doing?

    I have a spreadsheet with three lists of names ("Current Members"), and I have a second spreadsheet of people who have left the company ("Trustwide Leavers"). I have managed to cross reference the two sheets to give me three True/False columns in my "Trustwide Leavers" tab to show if they are on any of the lists, however I now want only the 'true' entries to be copied into a third sheet ("Entries to Remove").

    My tabs are: "Current Members" (the lists), "Trustwide Leavers" (source), and "Entries to Remove" (destination). The true values are in Column I, J and K. If any of these columns contains the True statement, then I want to move them, however I do not want to duplicate them if two or three columns are true.

    Every code I have tried so far has fallen pretty flat, so I am shamelessly asking if anyone can help? I can offer (virtual) cookies?

    Thank you