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    Hello :)

    I am trying to create a summary for our sales teams, a kind of personal bests if you like. I have a report that is run from our system that exports all the data, that then feeds into pivot tables and then on into a summary page.

    I am stuck on returning the date of the largest invoice for each salesperson, so far I can work out the date of the largest invoice using "=INDEX(A2:A13,MATCH(MAX(E2:E13),E2:E13,0))"

    But I cannot work out how to limit the results to a particular salesperson.

    A sample is below of what i am working with, and what i have got so far (pink highlight is what is returned). Data goes on for tens of thousands of rows, and the summary is on another sheet, but i can deal with the references if i can get help with the syntax.