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    hi when i run my login userform and click ok a macro message shud pop up stating the expired accounts on my database it worked fine before but when i tried to run it ERROR TYPE 13 pops up and its higlighting the

    LDiff = .Range("Q" & LRow).Value2 - Date

    part of my code
    LDiff was declared as Long

    did i miss anything? hope u guys can help me thank you in advance

    here the whole code

    Re: Compile Error : cannot find project or property

    sorry not that i dont know anything or unsure of the basics of windows i just got confused and worried why the program from the stick got the error of the other computer. anyhow thank your for u help i think i figured out how to solve my problem..

    Hi I have tried running my project to another computer both are using excel 2013. When I run the project on my laptop it works fine however when I try to run it in my friend's laptop it gives the compile error : Cannot find Project or Property.
    This happens when the code in my thisworkbook (alerts the expired dates, see code below)

    runs upon login and it displays a reference dialogue box after clicking ok. Then the word date is highlighted. I don't know if i should click/tick one of the choices and i don't know which one to tick. Does my friend need to install a missing library? Thank you in advance

    Re: Displaying Normal Date formatb to a textbox instead of the searial value of the d

    hi sktneer
    this is the code i used in retrieving my datas

    Hi im a noob when i comes to VBA and this is my first time to create a program. i have been beating my brains out for days now . I would like to ask if any of you knows how to make the textbox display the normal date format like dd/mm/yyyy coz every time i try to retrieve the whole worksheet all the textbox for my date displays serial values like 30698 ( 01/17/1984). I have done the format cell still the same result. and when i press CTL~
    it shows that my date columns are in serial value. is there a code that can help display the right date format? or do i need to tweek something in my excel worksheet to change it? thank you in advance.