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    I am trying to figure out how to create a VBA that will either completely disable the deletion of N5:R125 when a row is selected and the user hits the delete or backspace keys. Or when the user selects the row it will resize it to a*:o* and they can delete that range. This is a shared macro enabled book and I do not want to password protect it, which is usually the correct answer.

    As the title states I need help with a copy and past VBA for a button I am using column a on sheet 2 "Data" and what I need is when I input an "X" into the column which there are multiple rows that will be used, I need when I push the button it copies the whole row to the bottom row of the "TruckHistory" sheet. But I want only the values copied over. I have tried so many too many to count variations of copy and paste code that I am at my wits end. The attached sheet is just a working model. There are a lot of blank cells in the data sheet and truck history, as I am continuing to update it everyday. Here is the code I have gathered so far.