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    I am trying to write a macro to make our reporting faster. But I am stuck on this portion. I was not sure if there was anyone who could give me any direction or if it just not feasible. But every week I create a weekly breakout of client traffic. On the report their is a week to date table that I generate, but then their is a lifetime to date column directly below it. Every week I manually add all the rows from the week to date to the lifetime to date. Is it possible to have a macro that would use the names in the week to date table to search through the lifetime to date to see if any matched. If they did match it would add the "Clicks" "Impressions" "Cost" and "Conversions" to the lifetime to date running totals. Also if their was a new name that it did not find on the lifetime to date table, is there a way to make it add a new line in the lifetime table with the weekly data. I found some functions to add two tables together, but not any tutorials that added them together in this fashion.

    I am just wondering if this is even possible, maybe if I am getting my self in over my head I will look to Odesk or something, to figure this out.

    Thanks in advance.