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    I have dates in a row just wanted a vba code that can copy what evr in wriiten under that date or below the particular date for eg... Row 13 has date 12/12/2016 13/12/2016 14/12/2026
    And if i write xxxxx below 12/12/2016 and click on save button it shold copy with the date to sheet2 column wise and overwitre if any entryalready ther

    Used the code for save but no use... Plz guide

    Hi all,
    I was very very successful in making a mini calender in my excel using excel based formulas,and was able to get weeks in another section (eg.. In row B20 i have monday to friday cells), so when user clicks on my mini calender any date that week date falls in b20)
    My concern is i wanted a database created were sheet 1 has mini calender when user clickes on any date and below shld be week tat date falls on when user enter the data in that particular date it shld get save in the database and vice versa (it shld it be either way from frontend to backend and backend to front end) and the user is data is hyperlink too..

    Re: Iserror err

    thanks for the help ,the same way i wanted the formula to search the blank if the both the formulas output is blank "" then true or else flase
    i wanted the formula to be included in the
    =IF(and(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("xxx",B1)),VLOOKUP (A1,TABLE AARAY, 12,0)=1),1,"")

    Hi team
    Was looking for an formula, actually an combination of two formulas
    1)if(iserror(search(B1,"XXXX", 1),"",1
    2)VLOOKUP (A1,TABLE AARAY, 12,0)
    If value of IF (1st formula) is 1 and vlook vlaue is also 1 then output shd b true or else false

    Working on something new, no vba this time.

    In excel cell A:A ( full A coulmn) i have various unsystematic strings
    A1 - SQL_78999_uvhj
    A2 - HBU_VVVVV_55555_jjjjj
    A3 - THE_ABC123_LOP
    A4 - ABC5635_12345_KFG


    1) If there is 5 Contious digit in a sentence get that ( below formula works for me)
    2)if something is starting with ABC get that word ( eg ABC 123,ABC5635) (below formula works for me
    3) if in a sentence there is both above criteria get both answer in format of / ( eg - answer of A4 should be ABC5635/12345..... ( NEED HELP ON THIS)
    4) if nothing is found put " NHA"

    Formula used -

    =if error (LOOKUP(2,1/(MMULT(0+(ISNUMBER(-MID(" "&A1,ROW(INDIRECT("1:"&LEN(A1)))+{0,1,2,3,4,5,6},1))+0={0,1,1,1,1,1,0}),{1;1;1;1;1;1;1})=7),MID(A1,ROW(INDIRECT("1:"&LEN(A1))),5))
    Mid (find ( A1," ABC"), 1) 8)

    hi ,
    i have column A as

    i wanted all the middle part in cloumn B (excel formaula =MID(A2,5,3)) and last three parts in cloumn C (=MID(A2,9,3)).

    below code is not working for me

    Re: Code need rectification

    Hi sky writer,
    The below code

    .Range("Q2:Q" & OutputLastRow).Formula = _
    "=VLOOKUP(A2,'" & sourceSheet.Name & "'!$A$2:$B$" & SourceLastRow & ",2,0)"
    End With

    After the vlookup it Gives me the value ( with formula in formula bar) in cloumn Q..
    I just need the formula in each cell of Q not to be visible... In short i need my macro to paste special the values in each cell of Q after vlookup.

    Below code works for me as desired.. It gives me output in Cell Q2:Q.
    But i need the out put in PASTE SPECIAL format? any good to approach this?

    i need the below code to be modified little bit

    issue 1) the value in A1 and B1 (the user input) is disappearing after macro is run
    issue2) if cell 12 already has 1 in it , it should add 1 if the below criteria is met

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