Any Help is much appreciated. I am trying to open a website in IE and click using MouseEvent property. I am able to navigate & click on a button using my code, but the clicking event is not relative to IE browser. I feel its relative to current cursor position. Can you please let me know how to move cursor within IE browser (relative to IE) and click on a button?
    Also, The question has been asked in the following thread…rer-automation-mouseevent

    I am new to VBA and If anyone can help, I'd greatly appreciate it. I just need help in simple VBA loop in following code.
    I am trying to loop through excel files in a folder and copy specific data from DispForm Worksheet in all files to a new workbook (sheet 2). I have a code which does 50% of the job but I am having difficulty in picking some data and copying it in specific format. Following image shows the Dispform worksheets and format in which data needs to be copied