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    Hi I have a requirement , if cell value d3=3, then copy the entire row n paste 3 times in the new sheet, if d4=1, then copy the respective row 1time in the new sheet, like wise it has to check the value in cell d of each row and copy the rows n insert the row as many times as the value in new sheet.
    Help appreciated

    hello everyone
    i need a help in creation of macro, it should copy the row contents and based on one cell value in that row, it has to insert those many rows automatically with the contents.
    lets say xxy. xxz. ere. 5
    aab. err. avid. 2. the number here is 5 in the first row, it should create 5 rows with the same entries in a new sheet and as 2 in second row it should create 2rows below in the new sheet

    Xxy xxz. Ere 5
    Xxy xxz ere 5
    Xxy xxz ere 5
    Xxy xxz ere 5
    Xxy xxz ere 5
    aab ere avid 2
    Arab ere avid 2. this is how it stud appear in new sheet.hope the requirement is clear.