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    Re: Consolidate Several Crosstabs into single flat table

    SOLVED! Thanks. The problem I had is that I was using the second sheet with one less row field.

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    For anybody interested in the final version is this one. I also attached the file as an example.

    Thanks for your help MrRedli

    Re: Consolidate Several Crosstabs into single flat table

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    hope this helps:

    Ok you are a genius, thanks! I only need a little more help, I tried to convert your code to work with multiple sheets, but when change to the second sheet its all messing. This is the code I used.

    I uploaded a screenshot of the result
    Your help is appreciated..

    Hi, I have a worksheet with 90 crosstabs, I'm trying to merge all of them into a consolidated flat table. Researching I found the attached code made by a member named Norie. The example was made for only one crosstab, so I made some changes to allow it to work for all sheets in a workbook. It worked fine, but I have a problem, my crosstabs have 3 row fields and the code was written for a crosstable with only one column field. I dont know how to fix it.

    I'm attaching the original code, my modified code, the original crosstab and my crosstab.

    Help is appreciated