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    Hello everyone, I'm new here. I need some helps from you guys on how to lookup 2 columns from different sheets using VBA.
    In the image below is a combination of 2 different workbooks, on top is when I use VBA and the bottom is when I use VLOOKUP formula manually. I need to look for 2 columns which are C and T from every sheets. I need to make the top image become like the bottom image using VBA.


    This is my VLOOKUP formula:

    =VLOOKUP($A2,'01'!$A$2:$T$144,3,FALSE) -- 01 is the sheet name and 3 is for Column C
    =VLOOKUP($A2,'01'!$A$2:$T$144,20,FALSE) -- 01 is the sheet name and 20 is for Column T

    This is my code:

    How do I fix the code? Thanks in advance :)