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    I used to have a similar formula for what I want to accomplish at my previous job, but I cannot for the life of me remember.

    I have a table with columns containing the following type of data

    | January |
    | 1RB |
    | 1RB |
    | 1RB |
    | 1RB |
    | 2RB |
    | 1RB |
    | 1RB |
    | 1PR |
    | 2PR |
    | 1FO |

    I'm looking for a formula that can sum the numerical values based on the two digit suffix. For the data above, the following results would be expect:

    | RB | 8 |
    | PR | 3 |
    | FO | 1 |

    I wish i knew how I did it previously but would really appreciate some help.



    Re: Count of unique name and date of birth matches

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    copied down

    Thanks for the formula -- all it seemed to do was crash Excel unfortunately :?


    I have a spreadsheet of member details; names, contact details, date of birth.

    The sheet will have multiple entries for the same person; and obviously, some dates of birth with will multiples.

    I want to be able to count the of dates of birth for unique names. Example shows the count i would be expecting in column D.

    | A | B | C | D |
    | David | Jones | 22011986 | 01 |
    | David | Jones | 22011986 | 01 |
    | Paul | Harrison | 08091979 | 01 |
    | Simon | Edgar | 10071980| 01 |
    | Sam | Smith | 08091979 | 02 |
    | Anthony | Jeffs | 22011986 | 02 |

    I've racked by brains on an answer!

    Any help??!

    Hey all,

    I've been trying to work on a project for my employer.

    We are a member organisation where each membered account is given an internal ID, however, the same person can have multiple accounts.
    We're trying to instigate a Unique ID which is individual to each separate person, use a reversed Date of Birth : YYYYMMDDXX

    The XX suffix is dependent if the same date of birth recurs within the data set, but with a different user's name.

    I've tried using Countif to try and work this out, but it seems to have an issue if a member has more than 3 different accounts.

    Would anyone be able to help? I don't mind if the odd ID requires manual checking, but at the moment, I've got several hundred to review.

    I've included a sample of my data.