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    Re: Combine two Macro Codes together

    @ SO
    I took my syntax and placed into a loop like this:

    And it works :)

    Hi y'all

    I am new at VBA and on this forum. Hopefully, you can help me :S
    I have some difficulties with doing the following:
    I have written several macros which look up the correct values (from different sheets) with the desired date.
    I will share a part of my syntax.

    This works perfectly per row, because I add the dates manually.
    Now I want this to work automatically, but I have difficulties writing the syntax.

    I have a macro code which automatically fills the dates between the last updated date and the current date (see second code).
    With the third code, I tried to see if it possible for each new date that the amount of the previous date is added with 4:

    I have tried to nest the first syntax within the second syntax and switch last_r2 with i, but this did not work.
    In short, I want to maintain the functionality of the first syntax combined with the autofill between two dates.

    Hopefully, I explained my problem correctly and hopefully someone can help me in the right direction

    In advance I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my thread :D