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    Re: Macro to save selection as .csv Run-time error '1004'

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    Hey Calecco,

    Thanks for your suggestion, I tried it already and tried again I'm running on Mac Office 2016 if that makes any difference. Like you I thought the path would be using the \ but it seems that regardless / or \ I get the same error message.


    ahh.... with Mac Office... the filepath structure will be different because it is UNIX. From the limited experience I have with MAC.. i dont believe the / or \ is needed at all... so just remove it. Failing that, have a read of this guide, maybe it'll provide some clues!


    Re: UDF Debug?

    Hmm strange.. is is possible because your Dim'd them as Integer and 50,600 is outside the limit of what an integer can hold? (Although I though Excel upgraded these to long anyway). Try this instead


    Re: UDF Debug?

    I assume that there is only 1 Classification output per use, so would a normal If, ELSEIF, ELSE function not work better?

    Re: code rectification needed

    Hello Libin,

    Why dont you give this code a go:

    Let me know if it works for you
    Many Thanks


    Re: Finding the earliest date w/ matching criteria

    Hello SkyHigh,

    I assume that was a typo in your post, and the resut should be U2011 - 01/18/2016?

    If so, give this macro a try. NOTE: please change your the sheet name and column to reference. Currently the macro is looking at Sheet3, and assumes 'Project' Data starts in cell B2.

    Let me know how you get on


    Re: vba sort by date

    Hello Pepe,

    When you say, it is not working correctly. What is the problem? is it throwing up any error messages? is it not sorting dates sequentially?

    The code below is a structure you can copy. It will sort on column E (dates).

    However, it assumes that there is data ajacent to the Dates column E. So the range I have set is for columns C:E (change this as you please). The other thing to check would be that the cells are all formatted as dates and not text.

    Let me know how you get on.

    Many Thanks

    Re: VBA - Add new row based on value and copy adjecent row and paste in the new row

    Hello Behedwin,

    Try out the code below. Bare in mind you will need to change the "Keyword" and sheetname with these two lines:

    Keyword = "Keyword"With Worksheets("Sheet1").Columns("A:A")

    which appear in the full code below

    This assumes there is only 1 instance of the keyword in column A. However, it can be adapted to find multiple instances.

    Let me know if it works.