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    Re: Find Cell Value copy Cell And Adjacent Cell

    hi - thx for that - destination is "upload" sheet

    so it pastes both cells in column 1,2 of "upload" sheet then goes to next worksheet and repeats, finds, and copy paste back to "upload" worksheet" - columns 3-4 and so on i currently have the below code for copying columns and subtotal - so i gather would fit somewhere in here . ie- in each new tab the data layout is the same- it will always be seraching columns c and copying d,c back to upload worksheet.

    thx very much for your help

    hi , i am trying to find a cell in column C (if cell =140) and copy that cell and the adjacent cell in column "D" to worksheets called" upload"

    then repeat through multiple tabs- repeating process and dumping values in columns on the "upoload" worksheet

    can someone please help


    Re: Add Subtotal To Multiple Sheets & Copy

    hi , i wish to try and do one more task

    i need to extract 1 cell from column c if = value 140 and extract copy cell to the rights -column D - copy and paste 140 (cell c) and copy and paste value in column D(adjacent) copy this to another sheet called "upload" and repeat process over many tabs[hr]*[/hr] Auto Merged Post;[dl]*[/dl]hi , i wish to try and do one more task

    i need to extract 1 cell from column c if value = 140 in column c then copy cell to the rights value"column D" copy and paste 140 (cell c) and copy and paste value in column D(adjacent) copy this to another sheet called "upload" and repeat process over many tabs

    could use "find " as there is only ever 140 once in each column C

    thx in advance[hr]*[/hr] Auto Merged Post;[dl]*[/dl]sorry that is not very descriptive

    need to look in column c, if find value that = 140 then copy this value and cell value in column " d"(adjacent) to "upload" tab

    repeat process through multiple tabs

    thx very much

    hi i am trying to do the following- can some one pleeeeeeease help me

    Each tab has columns up to M.

    1. Sum Column E for each tab(note column will varie in size)

    2. Then copy Column C and Column E to one tab (called "upload)

    there will be 60 tabs - so am tying to loop through and peform a subtotal for column E then copy "C" and "E" to another tab called "upload" note - all tabs will be copies to the one tab called "uplod once subtotal is performed.

    thx in advance

    Re: Search For File Locate User send Mail

    hi , apologies , there should not be a password if so try "water" lower case , yes you are right file is .txt format , so must search for file that has file "type " ERR file. there are other files that are " text document " type files so i do not want to search these

    i am opening the file in excel..but you could with notepad i guess

    and the question

    Can I find the error number by keying in on the string "FA2 INPUT BY:" ?

    i do not think so, this is the problem i probably have to count across, as it will be in the same charater space every time

    thx for your help

    I need help with code please if possible

    I need to build vb that will move threw a folder search files this source folder will be s:\dc\reports there will be multiple types of files

    If the file ends with .ERR and the file size is > 0.1 KB THEN take file and open it then find the user id this will be 6 didgets .. this then needs to be located(if u look at attached spreadsheet “CTR208088.ERR” and go too column “AB” you will see “FA2 INPUT BY:311752 CODE) and then take and match THIS CODE (311752) to a workbook called “cashfrontieradmin11” there will be a “user name” column ‘A” in a “input names” tab and next to it column “B” “ full name” it will then register name and attach an email to user saying they have error “processing idx file into hiport”

    It will then attach error file to email and send to appropriate user(that is written in error log )

    Example file is here ..the only issue I guess is being able to read the character placing(user id) in the message pick this up and map back to admin file I will attach both files

    Any help would be great

    Re: Automatically Remove Folder From Directory Path

    i am trying this code, as i need to search threw the folder and if "any" files that "end" with .idx then send to another destination folder ..the issue i think is the loop piece,,how do i let macro know that i want to search threw files..these could be any file type...and then also remove from source and move to detination

    this does not seem to be doing that


    hi , i am wanting to automaticaly remove a file from a directory when this directory is populated and move to another directory that is secure , how would i do this? just say directory 1(where it will be removed from) is s:/ddc/reports

    moved too-- s:/ddc/test

    test folder will be secure


    hi guys can anyone help

    How do I tell VB to copy the values from whole row on one worksheet to the row with the active cell on another worksheet?


    Hi all, I am trying to match by amount with 1 column to another in a different sheet

    If Data in column A in worksheet 1 matches data in column b worksheet 2 then color the entire row in column A worksheet 1 red , I am matching by amount so it(amount in column a) can be within 1 $ of amount in column b worksheet 2 also color item in column b(worsksheet2) red if matches with column a in worksheet 1 both can have a threshold of 1$ difference

    would be much appreciated if someone could help
    Thx in advance


    i was wondering how i would write the below

    i have a workbook which i wish to open however if data on sheet 1 does not have current days date in column b then exit sub so it needs to look at sheet 1 of workbook called "aims" and if the data in column b does not = current days date then exit if it does then carry on through code.?


    is it also possible to open a workbook that will be named (ddmmyyAims), from a certain directory? it will always have name format at end but the date will change to current day? would i write this. also if id doesnet equal this then exit sub and error messaqge" filename can not be found"

    i realise this is two questions but they are simlar in nature...i think

    thx very much if anyone can help

    hi all, o.k i have been very frustrated to say the least

    anyway what i am trying to do is match 2 columns data based on a condition

    ie i have data in column "b" of sheet called "balance" data is variable this column has unique indentifiers i want to look at another column and match the uniques identifiers in another sheet if the cell value in column "D" = "please investigate" otherwise do nothing, the (column f) it will be looking up too is in sheet called "hi-port" so if cell value in column "d" of sheet"balace"= "please investigate" match values that are same from colum "b" of sheet "balance" to that of column (f) sheet called "hi-port"

    i would like to colour only entire row of sheet called "hi-port" when the data matches to other sheet ie from columns "f " too " b"

    colour can be any colour

    i have below code

    igonre my ranges they are wrong just used as example


    Re: Pop Up Mesage If Condition Is Not Met

    here is the code i have , but there is something wrong with my range variable


    hi all, could anyone please help

    i have a column(G) in a spreadsheet active sheet will do

    i would like a message box to pop up if nothing is populated in the cell from range g1 - onwards...range does change

    otherwise keep processing code

    how would i write this