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    Dave and Insomniac,

    Thanks so much for your responses - you have definitely lead me towards a solution.

    In testing your solutions, I discovered another oddity - if your rows have no in-cell formulas, deleting a row still generates a change event, but inserting a row doesn't! Don't need a solution for this one.

    Can one praise Microsoft enough?


    I have distributed a template to global users with a mix of 97 and 2000 sites.

    The template was developed in 2000, where it works fine, but my 97 users have a problem.

    It seems that when an item is selected from a validation list, the change event is not fired.

    MSDN tries to address this in Article 172832, but the workaround seems irrelevant (or I don't understand how it applies).

    Does anyone have any insight in to this problem? Apologies if this has been covered. Thanks for your help.