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    In my worksheet I want a CommandButton, when pressed, to post data to a different sheet into a table.

    In the sample workbook that I am attaching you can see that when the CommandButton is pressed the data are put into cellules on the same sheet. What I want is for them to be posted into the table in Sheet2 and so far I have been unable to figure out how to do that. Any help and/or recommendations would be welcome.

    Thanks in advance!

    Re: Multipage Tab Changes Problem

    I do not really understand what are you trying to say. Could you please elaborate?

    I want to use this feature because I find it more visible and intuitive for the user than the tabs at the bottom. Plus it looks nice!


    I want to use the Multipage feature in my workbook, however I have encountered a problem. When I click on the tab of the multipage, I want it to switch between sheets. And it does just that, but when you click on the tab, the sheet switches but the highlighted tab is still the first one. This means you have to click 3 times to go back to the original sheet. Here is a simple representation of the issue:

    Sheet1 --> Sheet2 ---> Sheet2 --> Sheet1
    Press Tab 2 --> Show Tab1 --> Press tab2 --> Press Tab1 show tab2

    I find it difficult to explain therefore I am attaching a sample workbook where the proble occurs. Hopefully it will help you understand my issue.

    Thank you!

    Re: Show an error message when user types a mistake into a combo box

    The reason I want combo boxes is that you can type into them and it will autocomplete the value. I am working with big lists with lots of entries and for that the validation lists are not convenient.

    Plus since I am modifying an already existing worksheet with plenty of validation lists, I wanted to cheat a little and save myself some work by using the code you have seen in my sample workbook. All it does is when you click on a cell containing a validation list, it transforms it into a combo box.

    I tried incorporating your solution into my sample but as you said, it doesn't work.

    Re: Show an error message when user types a mistake into a combo box

    Quote from KjBox;772477

    The way you are creating the combo boxes means that changes to them will not fire the Change Event code.

    Attached is your file with 2 ActiveX combo boxes, if you type in an invalid entry into either then exit the combo box you will get a message telling you that the entry was invalid and to please use the drop-down list to select entry. The combo box will be cleared of the entry you made and focus will be returned to that combo box for re-entry of day or month.

    This is pretty much what I need but thank you all for your assistance! Could you please tell me why in my original workbook, the Change Event code won't fire?

    Re: Show an error message when user types a mistake into a combo box


    Sorry for the lack of information, I am not used to asking for help on forums, however I did not find what I am looking for on the Internet.

    I am using an ActiveX combo box. I will attach a sample workbook as I am pretty sure that I cannot share the one I am working on.

    The code used in the workbook is mainly copied from tutorials around the web but I modified it slightly, nonetheless it is a bit messy, I apologize.

    Hi all!

    Currently, as a project at work, I am working in excel with combo boxes. I prefer those to the classic data validation lists because of their customization and convenience. Howerer one thing they are lacking is an error message appearing when the user enters an invalid value into the combo box. I have been trying to play with the VBA code but so for unsuccessfully.

    Thus I am turning to you. What kind of code do I need to write in order to get an error message when an invalid entry appears in my combo box?

    Thank you!