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    Re: Text In Cells Not Visible

    well, it gets stranger and stranger. First of all, I figured it out!!

    "Word Wrap" is the culprit. For whatever reason, when I restore the formats to default, everything comes back. If I try to word wrap...everything disappears!!

    Re: Text In Cells Not Visible

    Apparently F2 turns off "Overtype" mode. But it seems that my overtype is permanently on since i can turn it off momentarily for that cell, but not for all cells. So that seems to be the problem, its just a matter of finding how the heck to turn it OFF!!!

    Re: Text In Cells Not Visible

    Ok, another bizarre happening. In trying to hit F1 for help, i accidentally hit F2. This brought the text back in the cell that I was in, but once I clicked out of the cell, the text disappeared again!!!! OMG, aliens have taken over my computer! :(

    Re: Text In Cells Not Visible

    NO, that's the strange thing. I created all the data, formats, colors, etc myself. Even referenced this spreadsheet yesterday without any problems!!!

    Re: Text In Cells Not Visible

    Thanks for the help. Oddly, when I do choose "General" formatting, nothing happens, but if I clear all formats, my text comes back...not something I want since I have a lot of formats in there (thank God for Undo!). But it's definitely a formatting problem, I guess I just have to figure out which one it is. :(


    I'm having a very strange problem. I created a spreadsheet a while ago filled with data. It's password protected so nobody but me can edit it. But when I open it, I see only gridlines and no data. If I click on a cell I can see the contents up in the Formula Bar, but the sheet itself is blank. I've sent it via attachment to other people and they are able to view it, so it seems my Excel settings are doing something to me. I've tried so many things, but can't seem to work it out.

    The text color is NOT white, the background is not the same color as text, etc. I dont know what else to try!!

    Re: Insert Query Asks For Parameter Value

    Norie!!! you're awesome...that's all it took.

    I changed my line to:

    strSQL = "INSERT INTO Reporting(DRNum) VALUES ('" & drnum & " ')" 'insert drnum into the proper field

    and it works great. Thanks so much!!

    I've been scratching my head on this one for a while. I have an INSERT INTO statment that I have been unable to execute. Instead of inserting my statement into the Access DB, I get a pop-up box asking me to enter the parameter value. The title of this box is my 'drnum'. If I enter in my desired drnum, it will enter into the DB, but not bring it up in the Form. I'm not sure if my execute statement is incorrect, or if I'm trying to do too many things at once. any help?

    Re: Keep Formatting Of Copied Data With Destrange

    I have a pretty good understanding of how to use PasteSpecial. I was hoping there might be something missing from what I'm currently using that would allow me to do it without re-vamping all my code. Is that not a possibility?

    I've been able to accomplish the main point of my macro which is to copy a section of code from each file in a folder and paste it into a different workbook. My problem is that when I paste the data, I lose all of the formatting of the data. ie, color, size, alignment

    I know that PasteSpecial should accomplish that, but I'm using "destrange". If there is an easy way to convert to PasteSpecial... Otherwise, any ideas on how to make it work with destrange?


    My code:

    Re: Macro Command Button Larger With Each Use

    I would share, but somehow it's working the way it should now. I deleted and re-added the buttons....for the 4th time, and for some reason it works.

    I didn't do anything differently than before, but its working. Thanks for the help. It's really weird behavior, and if I run into it again, I'll post it so you can take a look.

    Re: Macro Command Button Larger With Each Use

    It's very strange behavior. I've tried deleting and re-adding it to the sheet...

    One time the button will grow with each click, after deleting and re-adding, the button will shrink with each click...

    and around and around I go. :(

    I have a command button in a spreadsheet that for some reason each time I click it, the button and text gets larger. I can edit the button to shrink it down again, but can't stop the growth...I have never had this problem with any other macros. It's very puzzling.

    Re: Buttons Not Visible

    I did try making a new button and got the same behavior...I continued to mess with it and now it seems that they're working for some reason. I am actually able to insert the buttons through the Control Toolbar...I'm having other problems now, but this one seems to have been fixed. How, I have no idea, but it does work.

    I have created a great little macro to handle a large amount of data on my spreadsheet that I've been using for several months. It's a shared sheet that is used by many people, but the macro is protected...That being said, something strange has happened that none of my buttons for activating the macro are no longer visible. I can't even create new ones. I get a box outline with a little red X in the upper LH corner. I've verified that the button is in fact set to be visible and set up properly for colors, etc.

    I'm not sure what's happened since it happened in a matter of hours...did something get "deactivated" that I need to re-instate? I'm lost...please help!

    Re: Keep Formatting Of Copied Data

    Here's my code:

    I'm not trying to copy special formulas, just copy the text from one cell to another. I would think it'd be pretty starightforward, but has proven to be more difficult than that.