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    Re: Add data to sheet from userform with row number specified in textbox.

    I have adjusted the = to the value of textbox1 from the same userform.

    Sorry, due to the data on the sheet I am unable to share it.

    I have realised that I was initially refering the the textbox incorrectly, having now corrected that the error is "Subscript out of range".


    I have now solved it, it wasn't your code - It was my sheet reference!

    Thanks for your help p45, greatly appreciated!

    Hi all,

    My first post, so hello and thanks in advance.

    I'm getting back into excel after a long time away, and am stumped.

    I have a sheet which I plan to use for stock control, I have done the data entry and search, but on one of the forms I need to load and edit data from a row number which is specified within a textbox on a userform.

    I don't know how to reference that row within VBA, the column doesn't need to be dynamic - just the row.

    FYI, the textbox is called "txtrow" and the userform "frmStock" then I need to load sheet5, column A and the row number from txtrow.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.