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    Re: Unable to click on a link from webpage

    Below is the entire source code, I want to find the href and vba code should click on this link

    Re: Unable to click on a link from webpage

    I tried to get all the elementstagname of ul and also another method to get all elementstagname of a, but no luck

    I am trying to click on a Javascript <a> tag but unable to execute, Can anyone tell how to execute this using VBA code
    Below is the source code.

    <UL> <LI> <A NAME ="#TEBE45150001i0" HREF="javascript:onSelect('TEBE45150001','IETIT0','i0',0,'E');"> <FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Geneva,Verdana,Tahoma,Arial,Helvetica,Sans-serif" > PRODUCT SUPPORT PROGRAM FOR REPLACING NEEDLE VALVE SUPPLY TUBES ON CERTAIN G3606B, G3608B, AND G3612B PETROLEUM ENGINES 08/07/2016</font></A><P> </LI> </UL>