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    I need a function that will search a folder and return the oldest CREATED .htm file.

    I've tried a few examples I've found around the web but they either return the last modified file, or all files...

    The argument I send to the function is the folder where the file will be located.

    GetOldestHtmFile (c:\temp\)


    Seems this should be a pretty simple task but it's suffocating me...

    My array consists of...


    I need a loop that will return

    tempVar1 = Section1
    tempVar2 = 24


    tempVar1 = Section 2
    tempVar2 = 47

    Loop - etc, etc...

    I've tried LEFT, SPLIT... Not having luck though..

    I'm trying to create new tabs depending on the current date...

    If August 08 tab exists already I need an August 08_1 tab, then an August 08_2 tab, etc...

    Below is my code, but when the if condition is true and it should execute the 'else' statement, the code fails. Please help!