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    Re: Macro to copy rows from multiple sheeets with a criteria to another sheet

    Sorry to bother Robert(Trebor76)

    I have started inputting data in to the columns in each sheets and I just found an error in the final action. Each time data is amended in the parent sheets, same number of copied rows are pasted back on to the consolidated sheet. That means If there are 74 copied rows in the consolidated sheet, and when I amend the data in one of the sheets, instead of amending the relevant cell in the consolidated sheet, the whole number of rows(74) are again copied and pasted in to the consolidated sheet. the end result is instaed of 74 rows there are now 148 rows.The newly copied cells are blank though

    Hope you can help.

    Hi all
    Can I request your expertise to solve a macro problem.

    The attached workbook has got 6 sheets.
    Sheet 1 is 'Home'
    Sheet 2 is 'A'
    Sheet 3 is 'B'
    Sheet 4 is 'C'
    Sheet 5 is 'D';and
    Sheet 6 is 'Consolidated Action Sheet'

    Some of the rows in Column F in each sheet has got a text 'Action Item'

    I would like to have a macro which helps me to collate all the rows from each sheet with the text 'Action Item' in to the 'Consolidated Action Sheet'

    Would be delighted if you can incorporate a step that auto update the Consolidated Action Sheet' when ever data are changed in the relevant sheets

    I have tried different options to do this job and you can see my different macros in each sheet.

    I am using 2010 excel.

    Looking forward for your replies

    Thanks guys