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    In the attachment, there is Sample data from A column to D column. Summary begins from G column. I want to extract Position code based on "Recruiter name" and "Submission month". Pls help.

    Explanation about Sample Data: Recruiters are working on Position code. They will call the right candidates for interview based on position code. After that they will fill the candidates details in excel. Based on this data i want to find out Monthly recruiter wise submission count. For this , First I want unique position code based on Criteria (Criteria: we need to consider "Recruiter Name" and "Submission Month"). If we filter Recruiter name as "Taylor" and Submission month as "Oct" then two position code should be reflect in G4 and G5 Cells. Bcoz "Taylor" worked on two positions (position) in "October" month.

    Note: I need formula in "G" Column (in G4,G5,G6... Cells) to get unique "Postion Code" based on criteria. No Filter / Advanced filter/Pivot options.

    Thank you in Advance.