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    I have a query and one macro that run on Sheet1 to copy values to Sheet2.

    I'm trying to create a macro in Sheet2 that will run if the value of the cell is YES or NO

    I have created 4 macros for Sheet 2 and named them Macro1, Macro2 ,Macro3, Macro4

    If cell A7 has value YES and a8 , A9 A10 have value NO, then Macro1 should run.

    If cell A7 and A8 have value YES and A9 and A10 has value NO, then Macro2 should run

    If cell A7, A8 and A9 have value YES and A10 has value NO, then Macro3 should run.

    If cell A7, A8 , A9 and A10 have value YES then Macro4 should run.

    Thank you!