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    Re: Create & Save filtered list into new workbook


    Removing the hidden rows procedures saves only saves a new workbook but the list is not filtered in this new workbook.
    'RemoveHiddenRows ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("2."), colNames(lngItem)

    do I need to rearrage the procedures?

    Re: Create & Save filtered list into new workbook


    Thank you very much for the code and your time. I have a quick question about the new workbook that is saved. Is it possible to omit the step where the hidden rows on the new workbook are deleted? I would like to save the filtered list as is, instead of only moving the visible cells to a new workbook.

    Re: Create & Save filtered list into new workbook

    Thank you for your reply. The idea is to filter column B by each value listed (total of 33 unique names) and saving the workbook as "Name M1", "Name M2", Etc. The new workbook would contain all the tabs as the original workbook but the list on tab 2 would be filtered.

    Please let me know if this makes sense,

    Thank you in advance.[ATTACH=CONFIG]70170[/ATTACH]


    I have a workbook that has 9 tabs. I would like to have a VBA that automatically filters tab 2, for each of the names in column B. Then, it would save all the tabs in the workbook with the name that the list is filtered for on tab 2. All the workbooks would contain the same data, the the difference between each workbook would be the filtered list on tab 2.