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    Re: Merge PDFs into single document using VBA

    I don't know how to tell this, but you are nothing short of a Legend.
    Thanks a lot. Its working perfectly.

    I have a dynamic no of PDF files that I need to merge and it varies for each report. Your help has been great.
    And to be frank your posts on this and other forums have helped me learn a lot in VBA.

    Thanks a lot again.


    Re: Pdf merging

    Hello Kenneth,

    Thanks for the reply.
    But unfortunately i still have the error. I see the code you posted is same that i used.
    at .MergeAllJobs i get an run time error and it says "queue must not be empty".
    any thoughts on what could be the reason. i am using 2 files temp1 and temp2 for testing and they exist in the mentioned folder as well and are not password protected.

    appreciate your help on this.


    Re: Pdf merging

    I am currently using VBA code to print excel sheets to pdf reports from pdf creator. its working fine with 2.3.2 version.
    But i am not able to merge the pdf files in 2.3.2 as it throws error. do you have any alternate ways of merging pdf's using vba.

    Hello I am new to this group and was wondering if anyone could help me with how to merge multiple pdf files in single file using VBA macro.
    I have to create a final Pdf file that has all the different reports in it and i get individual reports in pdf format from different teams. I am using pdf creator version 2.3.2. I found the code online but it throws an error
    when the code reaches .MergeAllJobs it throws an error saying Run time error and " The queue must not be empty". the test file i am testing does exists in those location that i mentioned in the code. below s the code for your reference.

    appreciate all the help guys.