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    Great Idea; although it does not automatically undo what it did if you enter another date. I would have to re-run the filter each time.

    Any other ideas?

    In one cell I enter a year (A1); then i have 20 rows listing that year +1 (A3:A23). Also there is an IF statement were if the value in the cell is greater than the current year it will make the value 0 (zero).

    So all that is set; just wanted to give you a base.

    What I am looking to do is if, lets say the last 5 rows have the 0 in the to have the entire row "hide". So basically looking for a way to have it only show the years that appear and hide the rows that have a year of 0.

    Is there a way to do that?

    In cell A1 you will enter a date, 05/04/1952;
    In cell A2 I would like it to extract just the year from cell A1; 1952. How do I do that?

    In cell A3 I will use the =TODAY() function;
    In cell A4 I would like it to extract just the year from cell A3; How do I do that?

    Thank you very much for your help!!!


    I am unable to locate a document regarding what I am trying to do. Do you know of any other references?

    You all have helped me in the past; although my question is not about Excel I thought you might have some insight.

    I am trying to set up an internal HTML document. I have everything done except one thing.

    One the front page I want three question with Yes or No radio buttons.

    Looks like this:

    Are you married? O Yes O No
    Is your spouse younger? O Yes O No
    Have you ever been divorced? O Yes O No

    Then there would be a submit button;

    Upon submitting if there are any NO's it will direct you to a website, and if they are all YES's it will direct you to a different one.

    Any thoughts?

    I am bulding a document, and try to make it easy for the users to enter dates.
    If i use to cells, could you give me an example, I am not sure what you meant.

    Thank you "thomack".
    I look forward to seeing your next post.

    The 365.25 is not exact if there age is not evenly devisable by 4.
    Say they are three years old and never had a leap year, but you divide by 365.25, it would not be accurate.


    Thank you for the reply,

    Unfortunately that does not work. All that does is take the number of days in between the two dates and divide them by 365. What about leap years? Is there a way to link it to a calendar so it would now were the leap years are, or divide it by years? Or make the calculation calculate the years, not the days? Thank you

    How do you calculate an age in years?

    In Cell A1 is the date of birth, 07/01/1933
    In Cell A2 is the last date of the current year, 12/31/2003.

    How do you subtract these to get a age in years. The correct answer would be, 70.5.

    How do I get to this?