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    I am trying to find a way to use drop down boxes in multiple cells of a given column on one excel sheet and then generate a pivot table in which I can choose to count the choices from the drop down box. Is this possible?

    Hoping someone can help me. I have included a sample spreadsheet. I need to generate a random customer ID number to send to a vendor as a replacement for my customer ID. Each customer occupies a different number of rows, so I need the same random number to populate next to each Customer ID. (Although not shown, each column to the right of the customer ID has various information about specific transactions the customer has completed.)

    I have a problem with combining 2 separate reports on the same customer service survey into a single one. I get these reports each day. Because the survey comments and rankings are structured differently on each report, it is difficult to use an IF or Vlookup formula. Hoping someone here can help. In my attachment the "Final" sheet shows an example of what I need the final report to look like. Thanks for any help the community can provide.