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    Re: search criteria using combobox and textbox

    thank you for your kind help. now the form work properly :)
    its only a month since i started using vba so i have many errors and ask many questions. guess i still have a lot more to learn. thank you again :)

    Re: search criteria using combobox and textbox

    i cant figure out any solid reason behind this issue.. as you said my filter is working fine but filtered data wont be display in the listbox. and theres something i notice, when i filtered "Commune", data from "Commune" move up the listbox but the rest of data from other commune still exist below the filtered data. example.. if i search Bavel for Commune, all data for bavel move up to listbox but other data such as bakan, chrey,etc (which is part of commune as well) still exist on the listbox as well. but this only happen for Commune.. other search criteria did not show any respond. they just hide my actual data in excel sheet and i have to open Data tab and click filter icon so it will display again.

    im using "Province","District","Commune","Client" for search criteria which is in column D,E,F and H..
    my combobox value is also based on this arrangement "Province","District","Commune" and "Client"

    Re: search criteria using combobox and textbox

    by taking your advice into consideration, i make some changes where i deleted my rowsource and use manually additem data into the listbox instead.i use userform initialization to load my data listbox. but now, another problem arise where it does not give out any error but it does not filtered any data either.

    Re: search criteria using combobox and textbox

    hai, i have try the =worksheets("database").cells(cell.row,"C") but it doesnt work. and when i use ..

    it would stop debug when i choose column "M" and "H" and give out permission denied error on line Me.ListBox1.AddItem when i choose column "F". do you have any idea??


    i have a situation where my sv want me to create a search engine using combobox and textbox based on data in excel. it goes on like this, this search engine enable users to select which column that they want from the combobox and enter any related keywords in the textbox. commandbutton is used to display data related to that column in combobox and display it in the listbox. the problem is my button does not working. when i click on the commandbutton, it does not return any values.

    Here is my code :

    Re: could not set list property,invalid property value

    tried that before but it turned out to be, the search field will be from cell "C" not from cell "M"
    cell c is the user ID
    while cell M is the year

    when i enter "1968" it will not display any data as in the data not exist(i only have 200++ data) ..but when i enter "19", all ID that consist 19 will display on listbox (example: 19,190,191,,,,)

    Re: could not set list property,invalid property value

    hai, sorry for late reply.. i have been coping with work and study these days. i tried your code and it works. but i have a problem where it only display data from cells "M" to "AC" when my data actually start from cells "C". can you tell me why?? Thank you


    i am having a trouble with my application. I have a textbox, commandbutton and 27 column count. i want to search for "YEAR" which is in cell M2:M on excel and display all data regarding that year in listbox on my userform. i keep on getting error message of could not set list property,invalid property value on line ListBox1.List(liste, 10) = isim.Offset(0, 10). can someone tell me what is wrong with the code??

    hai, im trying to fill up textbox and combobox from selected index in listbox. but when i click the button , it display the Could not get list property. invalid argument error. here is my code. highlight error is at txtYOB.value

    Re: search using textbox and display on list box in userform

    no, it start with column D with row 1 being the header row and data starting in cell D2.

    and yes, i have changed my dynamic named range to ("myData")

    I have a user form with a listbox, textbox, and command button. The intent is for a user to type into the textbox, click the button, and the code would search through the database for the text. database consist of 5 column like below;
    1. client
    2. province
    5. village

    im trying to search for the client name example "sorn" or "sorn tye" than it will display all the related information regarding that name in a listbox. for now, the listbox will display all the info in the database not the one that i search in the textbox.

    Below is some code I've been trying to change to work. Not sure if this is a step in the right direction.