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    thank you all for your help but cant find any security issue or the trick with properties dont make any change.

    i am thinking a way around to trick it and working it if i run a bat file from userform and that bat file have the order to open might work

    its not perfect its quite unconvinient but might solve my problem for now. i am searching it right now

    sorry for delay of answer but hard weekend. i cant see where this article helps me. i downoad the example but it is not about my matter or i cant see it. i will give another try tomorrow at office if i found time

    i use that code to open a help file from same folder that my workbook is (is in removable disk)

    the strange thing is that when i call it from command button then opens many help windows instances

    i guess for the each topic of help file

    i tried many others help files cause that one it was made from me so i thought it was a problem from chm editor

    but the same matter.

    any thought why is happening this?

    Application.Help (ThisWorkbook.Path & "\test.chm")

    i have create a menu bar for my project and used mouse move event to run commands hoovering over textboxes

    the bug of all this is when i want to run first command for example file-> open is ok but for next selection "save" cause i am passing over the "open" run again that "open"option so i have to go around that frame. i am thinking to put in my code a delay in mouse move sub and after that to click so to activate sub . but in search to internet i found a code to do for one case but i have plenty of options and cant write that code to each case. any suggestion?

    even now i cant understand your code but i used only the first part with a small adjustment and worked

    so i leave it as it is and in meanwhile see some bugs then i will return for the matter

    thank you once again

    i have two textboxes .the second textbox change its value based on textbox1 and vlookup in a range of sheet1

    the matter is that the lookup range is in a column and value in b column so have to use a reverse vlookup formula but cant make proper syntax

    i tried choose formula na some formulas with index and match

    to solve my problem i made a column out of range in 68th and make to bring tha value of a column and did vlookup to search in 68 column

    a lot of search before ask your help

    seems something easy but as i said its syntax matter

    Private Sub textbox2_Change()
    textbox.Text = Application.VLookup(textbox2.value, Worksheets("sheet1").Range("B2:CE31"), 68, False)
    End Sub

    i have made a great excel with many userfiorms and cover major of my needs.

    i have stuck in a bug that bothers me and i think seems easy but i dont know why cant fix it

    i have textboxes that i write dates. for example 11 march 2021 in a format 11-3-21

    i update my workbook and then textbox changed to 3-11-21

    Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
    TextBox65.Text = Worksheets("oik.elegxos").Range("BX2").value
    End Sub
    Private Sub cmdupdate3_Click()
    Cells(rowselect, 76) = Me.TextBox65.value
    End Sub

    i know somehow have to say value is date and format but as i have tried always some result

    in my thought is to be a textbox with a " / / "

    i have found a way to do this also but not work it a lot

    yes it does the work not perfect as i was thinking but its ok and already i am using it

    my idea was textboxes to be checked before the values being input in cell but your suggestion was one of my thought and i had made some tests with code but your is perfect.


    i would like to add a fuction to a userform quite useless but it might help me somehow

    so i have 30 textboxes with numbers from 1 to 30 textbox1, textbox2, etg. but i can change them and after the values of cells that are linked. but i dont want to have same number for example 2 times the number 3 and that means another number is missing and that before to input that changed values in workbook so a code that loop through to textboxes and in exit would pop up msg saying duplicate value would make my work. i found some code in web but dont do this that i imagine. so after many hours i came for your help