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    Re: listview userform was not working

    You used a listbox than a listview. It is copmletely different...
    In your sample, I delete the listbox and put a listview with the same name 'lvwTest' and without change anything else, it works.

    You must use a listview! In your toolbox, go to 'Additional Controls' and check the ' Microsoft ListView Control, version... '. Then you can see it in toolbox.

    Re: listview userform was not working

    If you create the userform in this pc, i don't know why it gives you the message. Maybe you changed something?

    Go t vba editor and check your references under tools. There must be a missing thing.

    Try to rebuild the userforn yourself. Not copy/paste.

    Re: Add rows to tables

    A way to do this is to define the new-sheet's name by counting them and pick the last's one. Of course, this means that your new sheet must always be the last of your sheets (or at the same place).

    When I need to do exactly the same thing in different sheets, I prefer to have the macro on my ribbon tab. So I just use the activesheet as my sheet.

    Re: Dynamic Userform Design

    Maybe this can help you. If I understand correct, you have to put all your textboxes inside a frame and use a class on frame_ExitEvent.

    (With a listbox you don't have to check the values inside your list. Just the textboxes that you use to enter your data...)

    Re: Copy and Rename a Worksheet

    You can try this:

    Re: Dynamic Userform Design

    I don't know if it suits you, but did you try to use a listbox instead of textboxes?
    You can have a a simple line of your textboxes and then 2 or 3 buttons to add / edit /delete on your listbox.

    Re: converting date format

    If I have both my "b1" and "e:e" ranges formated as 'short date', your countifs works for me. Counts all dates that are equal to "b1" date...
    Why you need a date() formula inside countifs() ? Am I missing something??

    Re: Vba changes to be made

    Something like this maybe?

    strFileName = Application.GetOpenFilename("zip Files(*.zip),*.zip")
        'strFileName = "fo26DEC2016bhav.csv"
        str7ZIP = "C:\Program Files (x86)\7-Zip\7z.exe"
        strDestinationFolder = ActiveWorkbook.Path
        strZipFile = strDestinationFolder & "\" & strFileName
        'strZipFile = strDestinationFolder & "\"

    Just changed the 'strFileName' and 'strZipFile' lines