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    its works but after that the problem is the files can not open any more.
    we saved these files in xlsb format and now we want to saved them in xlsx format
    i think we should write a vba to open each file and save it as xlsb formats.
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    this works for me:

    place in a different folder to the files you want to change
    run it then select folder

    [Blocked Image:]

    im unsure how to go about this but it should be possible with for loops / if statements i think.

    i have a list of data on sheet("data") in columns A:C in the following format:


    I need to copy everything with CountryCode 01 into range "label01" on Sheet("Labels") and repeat for each country code. I usually do this manually with copy/paste values but its very repetitive.

    Though if there are more than 10 with same country code, rest will go on to the following label.
    (label ranges are 3col x 10row)


    CountryCode: 01 - 6 rows (goes into range "label01")
    CountryCode: 02 - 14 rows (10 goes into "label02" and 4 goes into "label03"
    CountryCode: 03 - 8 rows (goes into "label04")

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Also posted at:…into-ranges-criteria.html