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    Hello all,

    I am trying to sort a range of cells A1:D3 in ascending order but while doing so, omit the blank cells and keep them at the end of the end of the range. Is something like this possible? I tried searching how to sort by ranges but all i have found is how to sort by columns or rows.

    I attached an example of what i am trying to accomplish.

    Re: Lookup X & Y And Return Z

    Quote from AAE

    This version will test for the a blank in the matching cell and return N/A. You might actually have a value that is zero and will not want to return N/A in such a case.

    Thank you sir. I will look into which way works best for me.

    I am trying to save me a lot of copy and pasting. I have cells A1:A100+ with customer names listed out. I am trying to create a chart on a different page but on this particular chart, i need those customer names at the top of the columns going across the page instead of the rows. Is there an easy way to do this?

    Re: Lookup X & Y And Return Z

    Well, i was searching and searching last night for the answer and just gave up and decided to post my question. After posting, i found a similar formula not 5 minutes later.

    Re: Lookup X & Y And Return Z

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    In your sheet:


    Thank you. I guess i was on the right path after all.

    Greetings all,

    I am trying to set-up a formula that will look up two different values of a grid (x & y) and the result will be the intersection of the two values (z). If there is not a value at the intersecting cell i will have it display "n/a". I have attached an example of what i am trying to do but i have no idea how to set up the formula.

    I forgot to mention that the index or chart above remains constant but the lookups do change.

    I believe i may have figured it out. Here is what i came up with for cell C19. Should i have done anything different?



    Re: Lookup Last Cell Containg "x" And Return "y"

    Quote from RichardSchollar

    Here's an option using your example:



    Thank you Richard, that works great. I tried daniel.c's code but it kept returning "0" as the result.

    Re: Hyperlink List Of All Files In Folder

    Well i figured out how to create hyper links. What im trying to do is create a custom menu of a few specific hyper links and then share that custom menu with other users on the same network.

    Re: Create Custom Drop Down Menu

    Well I figured out how to create a custom tool bar that has a drop down list of files that i want to link to. I set up all the links to each of them and now i just drop the menu down, pick the file i want, and it opens it. But, i can not figure out how i can load this tool bar on another machine without going through that whole process on each machine i want it on.

    Re: Create Custom Drop Down Menu

    Well the hyper links i have currently are just basic links i created by right clicking the cells, selecting 'create hyper link', and browsing to the files i wanted links to. All of these links are on one worksheet and i have all users just shortcutting to that file. I currently have about 10 worksheets i have links to. As far as whether I want an actual menu tool bar or drop down list, I am not sure which would be best. I wanted to set up which ever would be easier to install on multiple computers that all access the hyper links. I do like the actual menu tool bar (thats how my CAD is setup) but not sure the difficulty of creating it and adding it to other users.

    I have a question about creating a custom drop down menu. In AutoCAD, I can create custom drop down menus that loads each time AutoCAD loads and i was wondering if excel have something similar. This menu would be added to the default menu list: "File_Edit_View_Insert_Format_Tools_Data...etc". I have searched online but i keep getting things about how to make drop down menus in cells but nothing about adding a main drop down menu.

    What I want to do is create a menu with hyper links to all of the excel files we use quite often here at work.

    I have already done this by just creating a sheet with a list of hyper links on it but would like to put it in a drop down menu instead if its possible.

    Re: Automatically Copy Cell By Selecting It

    I did what you said about the checking the “Microsoft Forms 2.0 Object Library” option and it now works. Thank you again sir.

    What would i add/change on your code so that i can have the option of selecting between two different cells and copying the text of the individual cells?

    I want to copy A3, paste it, then go back and copy B3 and past it. I need to set this up for multiple cells but once i get an idea of how to do more than one, i can just apply the pattern to multiple cells.

    Re: Automatically Copy Cell By Selecting It

    I see what your saying. I just created a new sheet here at home and it clears it. I will look at my other sheet when i get to work tomorrow and try to figure out what its doing different.

    Re: Automatically Copy Cell By Selecting It

    Maybe i am confused about the clipboard question but if your referring to the windows clipboard, No. I click in a cell, window pops up, hit "OK", then i can go to MS word or whatever other program, paste, and the text that was in that cell is pasted.

    BUT, i am currently doing it on a cell that only has text, it does NOT have a formula in it. Maybe thats the problem.