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    I am trying to pull data from Google Flights for various flights. For example, I have included a link for a flight search between JFK-LAX between 01/09 and 01/12. I would like to be able to pull down these results on a daily/weekly basis and monitor the changes in pricing.…5-01-09;r=2015-01-12;a=UA

    Any thoughts on how to do this? I have tried a simple web query but the table fails to capture the results.

    Thanks in advance.

    Re: Subtotal on an Autofiltered List

    I looked into the Pivot Table option but it does not accomplish what I am trying to do. For example, I want to only look at data from 2013 and 2014, then I want to only look at those cities whose service value is now zero, finally, I want to count the number of times those cities had their service removed.

    I think a nested array formula with dynamic inputs will work, but producing the list of 50+ cities will be the annoying part.


    I am looking to add subtotals to an autofiltered list. Right now the list has over 500 records of various information on cities and will be filtered by date the record was entered (column H) and then by a dollar value (Column E). There are approximately 50 unique cities. I want to show a subtotal count for every change in the city when the list is filtered.

    Thoughts? I am thinking I may need to just build a nested if statement and manually compose the list of the unique cities.



    I am trying to develop a goodness of fit test for via VBA. Before, I started the long arduous task I figured I would field the forum and see if anybody had a macro written already that took care of this. Any help would be appreciated.



    I have a large series of data that is updated automatically and the source range of the chart in turn is updated. That is not the problem. What I would like to do is build a function into the chart or a new chart completely where the user can indicate what date range they would like to view and the graph will show only that date range. Attached is a sample of the data that is in turn over a thousand data points.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


    The following is more about how to code a certain combination/permutation in VBA.

    This is the scenario: there are three possible inputs, the sum of these inputs must be 0.25%, the inputs can only be 0.25%, 0.125%, 0.833%, or 0%.

    First question: How to code it to get all possible combinations?

    Next layer of the scenario: With all of those combinations, if the value in the input is not zero then give it a 1 or 0.

    Second question: How to code it get all possible combinations of the first question combined with all the combinations of the second question?

    This is a bit of a thinker, any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as always.


    Re: Closing A Workbook If It Is Not A Certain Time

    This is the scenario, I have four users who must enter numbers/guesses into a workbook. However, I do not want anybody to see the others guess until all users have entered their numbers. The workbook is shared.

    Any thoughts on how to go about doing this?


    My problem is that I have four sets of the same controls on the userform. What I am trying to do is have the code first see if the controls that Identify type are filled with a value if so then they are to run a set of code X amount of times. The X amount is suppossed to come from another control on the form. This is where my problem takes place. Each of the controls are grouped (i.e. text_1, combo_1, text_2, combo_2). If the code is looking at combo_1 I want it to also look at text_1 and pull the value out of text_1.

    I provided the code below and commented where I am getting confused. If I can clarify anything please let me know.

    Re: Lstbox Loop Within A Loop Within A Loop

    Andy this is the code I am trying for:

    I hope this helps point out what I am trying to do. There is another macro called runinvbreakevens that needs to have each of these variables changed before being ran.